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Realme XT - Better Than Huawei?

The people are more reluctant to buy phones that provide better value for money and this is why Realme providing us with the most valuable phones for our money.

New Motorola Razr flip Phone - 2019

The FLIP SMARTPHONE for the first time ever has been introduced. The screen ratio is odd 21:9 and the chipset plus the battery is not that great at all.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate - Better than Logitech G502?

The first thing you will notice when grabbing the mouse is that it's slightly heavier mouse but lighter compared to the Logitech G502.

New Apple Macbook Pro 16_inch - 2019

The new macbook is not only better but it's cheaper compared to the upgraded hardware and features. In fact the new Macbook pro is the same price as the 2018 15 inch Macbook pro.

New Razer Hammerhead Wireless Earbuds - Gaming Buds!

The Razer hammerheads are overall a nice package and especially considering the price also.The new Razer hammerhead wireless earbuds come at $99.99 which compared to other wireless earbuds

Top 5 places to visit in Turkey

Among one of the richest country, archaeological and historical sites situated across the country, Exotic Island Marmaris and even hot air balloon rides over Cappadoica.

Top 5 places to visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is the land of multi cultural and historic background. Hundreds of places to visit in Pakistan.Constructed in the era of Mughals around 300 years ago in the midst 17th century the Badshahi mosque

Taller than Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa will no more the tallest building that man has ever built. The Dubai Creek Tower is all set to break all records mankind has ever set.